Astarita Associates Diagnostic Radiological Medical Physics Residency Program

The Astarita Associates Diagnostic Radiological Medical Physics Residency Program will educate and train medical physicists to a level of competency sufficient to sit for the American Board of Radiology certification exam and for independent professional practice in diagnostic imaging.

Astarita Associates residency program received CAMPEP accreditation in December, 2018. This is a 2-year, clinically oriented program that will focus on all diagnostic imaging modalities. As a consulting firm, Astarita Associates services a wide variety of clients including large university medical centers, community hospitals, imaging centers, and low volume standalone practices.

Astarita Associates has a long history of preparing medical physics graduates for the ABR certification. Our staff consists of 7 full-time medical physicists, 6 medical physics assistants, and 3 administrative staff members. All appropriate faculty are licensed in New York State.

Applicants are expected to have graduated with a master’s or doctorate degree from a CAMPEP accredited medical physics program and have a valid driver’s license. All applications are reviewed by the program director and medical physics faculty. Candidates are ranked by consensus and the top candidates will be invited for a telephone or a personal interview. The selected candidates are expected to interview at their own expense.

To apply please use the AAPM MP-RAP application process located at

Program statistics (updated 9/2019):

Year Applicants Accepted Graduated Working - Clinically Working - Other
2017 1 1 - - -
2018 1 1 - - -
2019 0 0 1 1 -
  For additional information please contact the program director, Dr. Jason Tavel at
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